Aggies Unveil New Design for Football Jerseys

Aggies Unveil New Design for Football Jerseys

September is here and college football is back, and Texas A&M has wasted no time in presenting their new look for the 2021 season. The Aggies revealed a completely redesigned set of jerseys, from their classic maroon and white to the newer colors of grey and a lighter shade of maroon. Fans and players alike are excited about this refreshing change, and everyone is eagerly looking forward to seeing them in action.

The New Design

The new jersey design features small but significant details that pay homage to Texas A&M’s storied history. The primary colors of maroon and white remain, but the incorporation of grey adds more personality to the uniforms. The signature look of the Aggies’ jerseys remains untouched in the new collection, but small changes situate this re-designed set apart from its predecessors.

The Adidas logo, now placed in the center of the chest, assumes an even more prominent role. An enlarged white panel extending from the collarbone to the underarm area gives a modern touch to the traditionally classic style. Most notably on the maroon jersey trimmed with white stripes running down the shoulders, the Texas A&M tradition of the “12th Man” has been honored through the inclusion of the number “12” stitched on the back collar.

The Significance of the New Jerseys

Texas A&M has always been a trailblazer when it comes to fashion and design. Fans remember the iconic uniform changes of the 90s, which became one of the most recognizable uniforms in college football. Changes have been made occasionally ever since and although the primary colors of the team remained unchanged, new designs and concepts have been implemented over the years.

The Aggies have consistently placed great emphasis on their heritage and tradition. The updated look for 2021 illustrates the university’s continued commitment to its storied past while infusing modern flair, reflecting the school’s future. The new jerseys are symbolic of a new era and a fresh start for the Aggies, reflecting the university’s sustained pursuit of excellence.

What the New Design Brings to A&M Football

The new design adds a unique, modern dimension to the Texas A&M football team’s already impressive uniform history. This kit is sure to galvanize the players and boost their confidence out on the field. The Aggies, who have had a strong football program for decades, are renowned for their passionate fans and intimidating atmosphere on match days.

The new design of the Texas A&M jerseys reflects the team’s bond with its fans, manifesting their support and attachment to the program. Football players are always looking for an edge in their games, and the new jerseys provide an extra dash of style and swagger, with their striking designs and colors. They will make the opponents nervous and the fans proud.

FAQs – Texas A&M Jersey

Q: Where can I buy the new Texas A&M football jersey?

A: The new Texas A&M football jerseys are available for purchase on the official Texas A&M Athletics website or at most sporting goods stores.

Q: How do the sizes run for the Texas A&M football jersey?

A: The Texas A&M football jersey sizes are true to size. Customers can refer to the sizing chart provided in the purchase to ensure they have the perfect fit.

Q: Will the Texas A&M football team continue to wear the same helmets with this new jersey design?

A: Yes, the Texas A&M football team will continue to wear their traditional white cowboy hat-shaped helmet. No changes have been announced regarding the appearance of the helmet.

Q: What is the inspiration for the new Texas A&M football jersey design?

A: The new Texas A&M football jersey’s design is inspired the Aggies’ storied history and tradition, combined with a modern flair. It is an updated version of the classic jerseys the team has worn for years.


The new jerseys for Texas A&M football team are, in all respects, an improvement on the classic design. By using modern flair and a fresh approach to represent the university’s traditions, the Aggies’ uniforms have a fresh new look that will undoubtedly add personality to the entire team.

The updated look for 2021 is an embodiment of Texas A&M’s continued commitment to its rich football history and ongoing pursuit of excellence. The new jersey design Adidas is the cornerstone of the squad’s foundation for the future, and one that is sure to bring excitement to players, fans, and alumni worldwide.

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