Art Hearts Fashion Honors LA Fashions Roots and Supports Its

Art Hearts Fashion Honors L.A. Fashion’s Roots and Supports Its Future

The city of Los Angeles has been a hub of fashion for decades, with numerous fashion brands and designers based here. From Hollywood glamour to streetwear, L.A. fashion has a distinct style that sets it apart from other fashion capitals of the world. To celebrate the city’s fashion heritage and to nurture its future, the Art Hearts Fashion platform hosts an annual L.A. Fashion Week event that showcases local brands and emerging designers. In this article, we will explore how Art Hearts Fashion honors L.A. fashion’s roots and supports its future.

Art Hearts Fashion: Honoring L.A.’s Fashion Heritage

Art Hearts Fashion was founded in 2011 philanthropists and fashion industry insiders Erik Rosete and Sarah Whitaker. The platform aims to provide emerging designers and artists with a platform to showcase their talent and to raise awareness for various charitable causes. Art Hearts Fashion has produced shows in New York, Miami, and Los Angeles, and has worked with renowned fashion brands like Betsey Johnson, Nicole Miller, and Michael Costello.

Through its annual L.A. Fashion Week event, Art Hearts Fashion honors the city’s fashion heritage showcasing local brands and designers. The event features runway shows, presentations, and exhibitions that highlight the diversity and creativity of L.A. fashion. From avant-garde designs to streetwear, the event celebrates the city’s fashion legacy and its influence on the global fashion industry.

The Art Hearts Fashion event also supports the next generation of L.A. fashion designers providing them with a platform to showcase their work. Emerging designers are given an opportunity to showcase their collections alongside established brands and designers, giving them exposure and recognition. The event also provides mentoring and networking opportunities to help emerging designers establish their own brand and grow their career in the fashion industry.

Art Hearts Fashion: Nurturing the Future of L.A. Fashion

In addition to honoring L.A.’s fashion heritage, Art Hearts Fashion also supports the future of L.A. fashion. The platform has partnered with various charitable organizations and causes, including Aids Healthcare Foundation, Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, and The National Eating Disorders Association, amongst others. Through its events, Art Hearts Fashion aims to raise awareness and funds for social issues that affect the local community.

The Art Hearts Fashion event also promotes sustainability and ethical practices in the fashion industry. It has partnered with clothing brand INLAND and non-profit organization Fashion Revolution to promote sustainable and ethical fashion practices. In its 2019 L.A. Fashion Week event, Art Hearts Fashion hosted a Green initiative that showcased brands that used sustainable materials and processes in their design and production.

Guide: How to Attend Art Hearts Fashion L.A. Fashion Week

If you’re interested in attending Art Hearts Fashion L.A. Fashion Week, here’s a comprehensive guide on how to do so:

1. Check the Event Schedule

Art Hearts Fashion L.A. Fashion Week usually takes place in March and October, so make sure to check the event schedule for the exact dates and timing.

2. Purchase Tickets

Tickets for Art Hearts Fashion L.A. Fashion Week can be purchased on their official website, There are different ticket options for runway shows, presentations and exhibitions. Make sure to choose the right ticket based on your interest and budget.

3. Plan Your Outfit

Art Hearts Fashion L.A. Fashion Week is a fashionable event, so plan your outfit accordingly. It’s the perfect opportunity to showcase your personal style and take inspiration from the latest trends.

4. Arrive on Time

Make sure to arrive on time for the event, as the seating is usually first come, first served. Arriving early will give you ample time to grab a good seat and experience the excitement of the event.

5. Follow Proper Etiquette

During the event, make sure to follow proper etiquette, such as turning off your cell phone, not getting up during the show and keeping silent during the runway shows.

6. Network and Socialize

Art Hearts Fashion L.A. Fashion Week is a great opportunity to network and socialize with fashion industry insiders, designers, bloggers and influencers. Make sure to make connections and share your experience on social media.


The Art Hearts Fashion platform has been instrumental in honoring the fashion heritage of Los Angeles and supporting the future of its fashion industry. Through its L.A. Fashion Week event, Art Hearts Fashion has provided a platform for emerging designers to showcase their talent, while also promoting social causes and sustainability in the fashion industry. By attending the Art Hearts Fashion event, you can experience the excitement of L.A. fashion and show your support for the local fashion industry.