Be Part of the Movement Get the Is My Bike

Be Part of the Movement: Get the ‘Is My Bike Okay?’ Shirt


Cycling is a popular way of commuting and exercising for millions of people worldwide. Unfortunately, bike thefts have become a regular occurrence, and it is incredibly disheartening to come back to an empty bike rack or finding the lock cut. Such incidents can leave cyclists feeling violated and afraid to ride again. The feeling of uncertainty about whether the bike is safe is another concern. One campaign is on the rise to tackle this problem and provide cyclists some peace of mind. The ‘Is My Bike Okay?” campaign, started the US cycling apparel brand Thunderbolt Sports Wear, is dedicated to fighting bike theft and promoting fair cycling. One of the ways to be part of this movement is getting the ‘Is My Bike Okay?’ shirt.

What is the ‘Is My Bike Okay?’ Shirt?

The ‘Is My Bike Okay?’ Shirt is a trendy and comfortable T-shirt that has become very popular among cyclists globally. The T-shirt features a print with the text ‘Is My Bike Okay?’ in bold letters, which is an excellent conversation starter about bike theft, cyclist safety, and promoting positive bike culture. The shirt is a part of Thunderbolt Sports Wear’s range of cycling apparel, and the company donates a portion of the shirt’s sales to fight bike theft and promote fair cycling causes.

The Inspiration Behind the Shirt

The ‘Is My Bike Okay?’ Shirt was inspired the personal experience of the Thunderbolt Sports Wear brand founder, Corey Godfrey. Corey’s two bikes were stolen within a year. He felt violated and knew many other cyclists share his experience. However, Corey did not let that stop him from cycling. Instead, he started the ‘Is My Bike Okay?’ campaign, aiming to spread awareness and promote safety for cyclists.

The Power of the Message

The message behind the ‘Is My Bike Okay?’ Shirt is powerful as it promotes a positive image of cycling and raises awareness about bike safety. Moreover, it encourages riders to protect their bikes and take safety measures to prevent theft. The shirt also promotes the message of fair cycling and supporting local cycling communities. It shows that cyclists can stand together, support each other, and create a positive impact.

The Right Way to Wear the ‘Is My Bike Okay?’ Shirt

Wearing the ‘Is My Bike Okay?’ Shirt is more than just fashionable. It is a statement that serves a purpose. The ‘Is My Bike Okay?’ message represents the needs of cyclists and demands respect for their safety and rights. Cyclists worldwide can wear the shirt to raise awareness and promote the message, and doing so, help reduce bike theft and promote a positive bike culture.

Donations and Charity

Thunderbolt Sports Wear donates 5% of the ‘Is My Bike Okay?’ Shirt’s sales to charities that support cycling safety and promote fair cycling initiatives. Cyclists who purchase the shirt participate in generating funds for these good causes. Wearing the shirt creates awareness and shows support for the movement, and buying the shirt is an excellent way to support it financially.

FAQs About ‘Is My Bike Okay’ Shirt

1. What Material is the Shirt Made Of?

The ‘Is My Bike Okay?’ Shirt is made of 100% organic ring-spun cotton that is soft, comfortable, and durable.

2. What’s the Shirt’s Sizing Like?

The ‘Is My Bike Okay?’ Shirt comes in different sizes cover XS to 2XL sizes with their dimensions, so it’s essential to verify your size before ordering.

3. Are the Shirts Shipped Globally?

Yes, the Thunderbolt Sports Wear ships its products worldwide, so no matter where you are, you can order the shirt and join the movement!

4. How Much of the Sales Go to the Charities?

Thunderbolt Sports Wear donates 5% of the ‘Is My Bike Okay?’ Shirt sales to charities that promote fair cycling initiatives and support cycling safety.

5. How Can I Track My Order?

Once you’ve ordered your shirt successfully, you will receive an email with the order details and tracking instructions.


The ‘Is My Bike Okay?’ Shirt is not just a cool T-shirt but a movement that promotes cycle safety, discourages bike theft, and supports fair and positive cycling initiatives. The shirt is a perfect way to start a conversation about bike safety and put cycling culture in the spotlight. By wearing it, you can join the movement and show your support for cyclists everywhere. Order the “Is My Bike Okay?” shirt now and be a part of a vibrant cycling community dedicated to making a difference.