Cant Buy the Watch You Want Its Partly a Lack

Can’t Buy the Watch You Want? It’s Partly a Lack of Watchmakers.

Watches have been a symbol of class, luxury, and functionality for decades. From classic designs to modern and high-tech timepieces, watches have been an integral part of everyone’s daily lives. However, it’s frustrating when you can’t find the watch you want, not just from high-end and luxury brands but also from more affordable ones. In this article, we’ll delve into the reason behind this: the lack of watchmakers.

The Crisis of the Watch Industry

The watch industry has been experiencing a shortage of watchmakers for years. Most of the watchmakers reached their retirement age or left the industry, and the new generation isn’t showing any interest in learning the craft. The industry needs around 2000 to 3000 watchmakers annually to keep up with the demands, but only a handful of people are signing up for it.

The reason behind this lack of new watchmakers is the high cost of education and training to become one. The apprenticeship program is extensive, taking up to four years, and the wage is quite low. Most of the watchmakers today are already nearing their retirement age, and without new and younger replacements, the industry may soon face a bigger crisis.

The Effect of the Shortage of Watchmakers

The dearth of watchmakers doesn’t just leave a void in the industry, but it also affects the consumers. The shortage of watchmakers leads to slower production times, limited access to specific brands, and even higher prices on timepieces. If your desired watch isn’t readily available in stores or online, you must wait months, if not years, to get your hands on one.

Moreover, the lack of new blood in the industry means fewer innovations and designs since there are only a few watchmakers to create them. Thus, the shortage of watchmakers limits the creativity of the industry, leading to a decline in quality.

The Dilemma of the Watch Industry

Without new and younger watchmakers, older watchmakers may need to extend their work lives to keep up with production. Some watchmaking schools are also trying to change their curriculum and financing options to cater to more students. On the other hand, the watch industry needs to invest more in attracting younger people to learn the craft and reducing the educational cost to make it more appealing.

Ultimately, the watch industry needs to address this issue of the lack of new watchmakers. Otherwise, the quality, production time, and prices will be affected. Consumers must also realize how important it is to support the industry purchasing watches from renowned brands, encouraging young people to learn the craft, or even spreading the word about the issue.

How to Get the Watch You Want

It’s frustrating when the watch you want isn’t readily available, but don’t lose hope. Here are some tips on how to get the watch you desire:

1. Check Online Retailers

Online retailers might be the best source of hard-to-find watches. They offer shipping services globally, making it easier for you to get your dream watch. Some retailers also have a pre-order option, where you can reserve the watch until it becomes available.

2. Visit Authorized Dealers

Authorized dealers are the best places to get the latest watch releases from popular brands. They follow a strict release date schedule, ensuring all customers receive the watch at the same time. Some authorized dealers also offer pre-orders, so you can ensure that you get your desired watch upon its release.

3. Buy Pre-Owned Watches

If you can’t wait for the latest release or hard-to-find watch, buying a pre-owned watch is a great option. The pre-owned market is vast and offers remarkable deals for discontinued models, vintage pieces, and more.

4. Join Watch Forums and Communities

Watch forums and communities are the perfect place to find information on where to buy the watch you want. Members often have insider information on where to get the latest release or access to hard-to-find watches.

5. Ask the Manufacturer

If you can’t find the watch you want from any authorized dealers or online retailers, try asking the manufacturer directly. They may have stock available or can point you in the right direction.


The shortage of watchmakers is an issue that affects both the watch industry and consumers. While there’s no immediate solution to this problem, there are ways to get the watch you want. Supporting the industry, spreading awareness, and encouraging young people to join the craft will help solve the watchmaker shortage in the long run.