Fly High in Style Pilot Shirts Offer Top Notch Quality

Fly High in Style: Pilot Shirts Offer Top-Notch Quality


When you think of a pilot, what comes to mind? Besides the actual plane, pilots are often associated with a certain style and professionalism- and in part, this is thanks to their attire. A pilot’s uniform often consists of a sharp jacket, clean pants, and of course, a pilot shirt. But what makes a pilot shirt unique? And why are pilots so dedicated to finding the perfect one?

In this article, we will explore the world of pilot shirts – everything from their design to their features and even some FAQs. Whether you’re a pilot looking for the perfect shirt, or just someone interested in the aviation industry, we’ve got you covered.

What is a Pilot Shirt?

A pilot shirt is a specially designed shirt worn pilots on commercial and private flights. It is typically made from high-quality fabrics that promote breathability and durability, and is designed to be worn with either a tie or an epaulette.

The design of a pilot shirt is unique in that it often includes features such as a button-down collar, epaulettes, and reinforced stitching. These features are not only functional, but they also give the shirt a classic, professional look.

Top-Notch Quality

One of the main reasons that pilots are so dedicated to finding the perfect shirt is because they spend a lot of time in the cockpit. A comfortable, durable shirt is a must-have for those long flights. Additionally, pilots need to look professional at all times – after all, they are representing airline companies.

Luckily, many companies offer top-notch quality pilot shirts that are both comfortable and stylish. Some of the best materials to look for in a pilot shirt include cotton, pima cotton, and polyester. These materials are lightweight and breathable, making them perfect for long flights.

Features of a Cut Above Pilot Shirt

When it comes to choosing the perfect pilot shirt, there are a few features to keep in mind. First and foremost, you want a shirt that is comfortable and fits well. Look for shirts that are designed with stretch materials or include adjustable cuffs to ensure the perfect fit.

Other features to consider include:

  1. Epaulettes: Epaulettes not only add to the overall look of the shirt, but they also provide a convenient place to display your rank stripes or pins.
  2. Reinforced stitching: Reinforced stitching ensures that the shirt will last for a long time, even with frequent wear and washing.
  3. Breathable fabric: As previously mentioned, breathable fabrics such as cotton and polyester are a must-have for pilot shirts that will be worn for long periods of time.
  4. Moisture-wicking fabric: Moisture-wicking fabric helps to pull moisture away from the body, keeping you cool and comfortable even during long flights.

Cut Above Pilot Shirts

One company that offers high-quality, cut above pilot shirts is Tailored Aviation. Tailored Aviation offers a variety of pilot shirts, each designed with the utmost attention to detail and comfort.

Their shirts are made from a blend of cotton and polyester, ensuring both a comfortable fit and breathability. Additionally, each shirt is designed with epaulettes, reinforced cuffs, and reinforced stitching to ensure durability.


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What makes a pilot shirt different from a regular shirt?

A pilot shirt is designed with specific features such as epaulettes, reinforced stitching, and a button-down collar. These features give the shirt a professional, classic look and make it easy to display rank stripes and pins.

What are the best materials for a pilot shirt?

Cotton, pima cotton, and polyester are all great materials to look for in a pilot shirt. These materials are lightweight, breathable, and durable – perfect for long flights.

How should a pilot shirt fit?

A pilot shirt should fit comfortably without being too tight or too loose. Look for shirts that are designed with stretch materials or include adjustable cuffs to ensure the perfect fit.


In conclusion, pilot shirts are an important part of a pilot’s uniform. Not only do they promote professionalism, but they also need to be comfortable and durable for those long flights. When searching for the perfect pilot shirt, keep in mind the features, materials, and fit that will make your flight experience the best it can be.