Georgia May Jagger Helps Brora Celebrate 30th Anniversary – WWD

Georgia May Jagger Helps Brora Celebrate 30th Anniversary – WWD

Georgia May Jagger, a popular British model, recently helped Brora celebrate their 30th anniversary at their store in Marylebone, London. Brora is known for their luxury Scottish knitwear and accessories, and their collaboration with Jagger is a perfect blend of fashion and tradition.

Adding to the festivity of the event, Brora launched their limited-edition cashmere collection, adorned with unique floral designs. Georgia May Jagger, born to famous musician Mick Jagger and model Jerry Hall, complemented the new collection in a pastel pink cashmere sweater, showcasing her taste and style.

Brora’s 30th Anniversary Celebration

The celebration of Brora’s 30th anniversary is an impressive milestone for a brand that started its journey in 1993 with just a small stall at the Victoria and Albert Museum’s exhibition in Edinburgh. Since then, the brand has spread to over 11 boutiques across the United Kingdom, along with their online store, creating a notable presence.

Their cashmere collection is the most well-known amongst their products, alongside their tweed skirts, scarfs, and knitwear. The brand’s mission is to promote traditional craftsmanship while supporting local communities, which is an excellent contribution to the fashion industry while also endorsing responsible corporate behavior.

Georgia May Jagger: The Perfect Choice

Georgia May Jagger’s inclusion in Brora’s anniversary celebration is a stroke of genius as she is known for her modeling career, impeccable taste, and incredible contributions to the fashion industry. Her sense of style is fashionable yet classic, with an eye for traditional concepts. Jagger’s aesthetic complements Brora’s mission to promote luxury knitwear with traditional crafting methods as she emphasizes the importance of sustainable fashion, making her the ideal choice to collaborate with Brora.

Brora’s Cashmere Collection

Brora’s limited-edition cashmere collection launch during the 30th anniversary was the center of attraction of the event. Cashmere has been the brand’s most popular product since its inception, and Brora’s unique floral designs are a beautiful addition to their cashmere collection.

The design included bold floral prints with intricate detailing, all printed in the United Kingdom with Brora’s trademark passion for quality and attention to detail. The collection includes different products such as cashmere sweaters, scarfs, gloves, and hats, making it a perfect fit for a cold winter day.

The limited-edition collection is the perfect blend of fashion and comfort, with unique designs that are perfect for any occasion. The floral prints on each piece are distinct and vividly colored, with beautiful intricate detailing that made it the center of attention during the 30th-anniversary celebration.

Brora’s Sustainable Tag

Apart from providing quality products, Brora promotes sustainability in the fashion industry. Brora is an example of a progressive fashion brand that prioritizes sustainability, sourcing materials responsibly and promoting traditional craftsmanship. Their efforts to support local communities are inspiring, and they continuously work towards promoting sustainability in the fashion industry.

The brand sources their cashmere wool from Mongolia, where the animals are treated with respect and dignity, and the wool is carefully scrubbed and refined before being spun into yarn. They also use solar panels to power their factory, avoid the use of plastic in packaging, and encourage their customers to recycle their clothing.

How to Choose the Best Cashmere Sweater?

Cashmere is a luxury item that requires careful considerations while making a purchase. Here are a few points to consider while selecting your cashmere sweater:

1. Quality:

Choosing the cashmere with the highest quality is essential. The best-quality fiber will be soft, warm, and lightweight. Check the fiber’s thickness, and the thinner the fibers, the better the quality. The fibers should also be long, which ensures strength and durability.

2. Price:

Cashmere products are not cheap, so it’s important to invest in a piece that is worth it. Opt for the best quality, and don’t hesitate to spend a little extra on a product that will last longer.

3. Weave:

Check for the weave of the sweater, as a tighter weave ensures your sweater will last for years. The weave will be more evident in some styles than others, but it’s important to ensure that the knit is tight and consistent.

4. Care:

Cashmere requires proper care. Always hand wash it using warm water with mild soap, and never machine wash. Do not use fabric softeners as they can damage the fibers. Always air-dry your cashmere sweater and store it in a cool and dry place.


Brora’s 30th anniversary celebration and their collaboration with Georgia May Jagger is a remarkable event in the fashion industry. Brora’s commitment to sustainability and promoting traditional craftsmanship is commendable, and it sets a great example for other fashion brands. Cashmere is a luxury fabric and requires careful consideration while buying, and it is essential to look for quality, weave, and proper care. With Georgia May Jagger’s unique style and Brora’s high-quality and sustainable products, the collaboration is sure to promote luxury Scottish knitwear for years to come.