Inside the Evolution of As Shirt How the Design

Inside the Evolution of A’s Shirt – How the Design Became a Fan Favorite


The ‘A’s shirt’ is a unique sports attire that has become a fan favorite over the years. The Oakland Athletics, a Major League Baseball team, are renowned for their iconic green and gold uniforms. It is interesting to note that the ‘A’s shirt’ has had an interesting evolution over time. From a plain white shirt to the green and gold version we know today, let us dive deep into the history of how the design became a fan favorite.

The Early ‘A’s Shirt’

The earliest version of the ‘A’s shirt’ was a plain white garment. The team’s insignia at the time was the traditional Athletics’ letter A. The shirt had a slightly different design than what fans are familiar with today. It featured green sleeves with yellow piping. This design development was probably due to the baseball glove manufacturer Rawlings, with whom the Athletics had a partnership.

As the Athletics continued to evolve, so did their uniform. In 1968, the team made their first significant change. They introduced green and gold as their primary colors, making a bold statement that was not aligned with their previous navy blue and red.

Green and Gold Takeover

With the green and gold uniform, the ‘A’s shirt’ saw a complete overhaul too. The basic design of the ‘A’s shirt’ remained similar, but the green and gold color scheme took over. The signature Athletics’ A remained, but it was now green, outlined in white with a yellow background.

The green and gold has become an iconic aspect of the Oakland A’s uniforms. The combination is a significant driver of brand recognition and a fundamental aspect of the Athletics identity. The green and gold combination was not just about aesthetics. It was a symbol of a shift in the organization’s culture – ushering in a new winning era.

Recent Changes to the ‘A’s Shirt’

In the modern era, the ‘A’s shirt’ has seen some additional changes, but they are relatively minimal. The most noticeable change was the shift from the Athletics’ traditional A logo to the more Contemporary ‘stomper’ elephant motif. The transformation in logo design was due to the team’s desire for a more modern, youthful vibe.

Another new addition to the ‘A’s shirt’ is the golden piping running down the front of the jersey. It adds a touch of flair to the otherwise plain green jersey.

The Popularity of the ‘A’s Shirt’

The ‘A’s shirt’ is a popular sports jersey. The design has a unique color scheme, which sets it apart from other major league baseball team’s jerseys. Despite not being as well-known as some of the top-performing teams in the league, such as the Yankees or the Dodgers, the Athletics still have a loyal following. The ‘A’s shirt’ plays a significant role in bringing their fans together, both at home games and when out and about.

The jersey’s lasting appeal can be linked to its historical background and design continuity. Fans have a sentiment connected to the combination of green and gold, even as the team has undergone various transformations.

FAQs about A’s Shirt

What is the significance of the green and gold color in the ‘A’s shirt’?

The green and gold combination is core to the Oakland Athletics brand identity.

When did the Athletics first introduce the green and gold color scheme?

The Oakland Athletics first introduced green and gold as their primary colors in 1968.

What is the Athletics ‘A’ insignia?

The Athletics ‘A’ is the team’s primary insignia. It started as a green letter with a white outline and a yellow background. In later years, it has undergone some slight design changes.

Has the Oakland Athletics team logo on the ‘A’s shirt’ undergone any significant changes over the years?

Yes. The team’s logo underwent a significant change, with the introduction of the contemporary elephant ‘stomper’ motif.


Over the years, the ‘A’s shirt’ has undergone significant changes, giving it a new lease of life. Fans have a deep-rooted connection with the green and gold color scheme and the Athletics ‘A’ emblem. The Oakland Athletics’ branding has evolved over time, making their image sleeker and more youthful. Nonetheless, the ‘A’s shirt’ remains a symbol of the Oakland Athletics franchise history, and it endures as a fan favorite to this day.

Source: Bleacher Report