Jersey Citys Art Scene Continues to Thrive Despite Pandemic

Jersey City’s Art Scene Continues to Thrive Despite Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on the global economy, with many industries experiencing major setbacks. However, Jersey City’s art scene has managed to thrive despite the pandemic. From virtual art exhibits to socially distanced outdoor events, the city’s art community has found innovative ways to keep Jersey City’s art alive.

Virtual Art Exhibits

As many galleries and museums around the world were forced to close their doors, art lovers began turning to virtual exhibitions. Many Jersey City-based galleries and museums quickly adapted, launching virtual exhibitions to showcase local artists. For example, The Hudson County Community College has opened “Art with a Purpose” a virtual exhibition featuring works of art created their students during the pandemic. This exposure has allowed artists to continue gaining notoriety and has provided art lovers with a way to experience new artworks from the comfort of their own homes.

Outdoor Art Gatherings

Creating outdoor art exhibits and events has been another way to keep the Jersey City art scene thriving during the pandemic. These events have offered a safe way for people to enjoy art while maintaining social distance. For example, the Jersey City Mural Arts program, which is dedicated to creating large scale murals in various neighborhoods throughout the city, has continued to produce murals which can be viewed the public at any time. Additionally, the Art House productions have been continuously keeping the art community vibrant providing socially distanced presentations of music and dance.

Art Sales Moving Online

The pandemic has forced the art market to move even further online than it already was. With many art collectors unable to attend in-person auctions, galleries and auction houses have transitioned to holding online auctions. This has included the Jersey City’s popular Art House production’s auction, which offers a wide selection of artworks from local artists. These online auctions have provided an opportunity for artists to sell their work and for collectors to continue to build their collections from anywhere in the world.

Looking to the Future

Although the pandemic has created significant challenges for the Jersey City art scene, the community has shown exceptional resilience in adapting to the new normal. The future of Jersey City art is exciting, with new spaces and events scheduled every week. Many galleries, museums, and organizations have already outlined plans for the coming months, which will feature traditional, hybrid, and virtual art exhibitions. As more people get vaccinated, hopefully, traditional in-person events and exhibits will once again become a bigger part of the Jersey City art scene.


Q: Is the art scene in Jersey City completely shut down due to COVID-19?
A: No, many galleries and museums have shifted to virtual exhibitions, and outdoor art events are planned frequently.

Q: Has the pandemic affected art sales in the city?
A: The art market has largely moved online due to the pandemic, and some galleries have faced significant losses. However, online auctions have provided sellers with an opportunity to reach a broader audience of buyers.

Q: Are Jersey City artists still creating art during the pandemic?
A: Yes, many Jersey City artists have used the pandemic as an opportunity to explore new techniques, concepts and mediums while sheltering in place.

Q: Are galleries holding events, even during the pandemic?
A: Yes, many galleries in Jersey City are hosting events, both virtual and in-person, that comply with health and safety guidelines dictated the state.


Despite the challenges, the Jersey City art scene has demonstrated incredible resilience in the face of the pandemic. From virtual exhibitions and online auctions to socially distanced outdoor events, the community has been able to keep art alive and vibrant. Moving forward, it’s clear that the Jersey City art scene will continue to thrive and evolve in the new normal. As visitors and locals alike explore the galleries and museums of the city, they can expect to discover new art and artists, offering fresh insights into Jersey City’s dynamic artistic heritage.