Look Good and Feel Good with a Have a Day

Look Good and Feel Good with a Have a Day Shirt

Clothing, as a means of self-expression, can profoundly impact our mood, productivity, and overall mental and physical well-being. The idea of “dressing for success” is not new, and psychologists have long studied the effects of clothing on our emotions and behavior. But beyond choosing clothes that simply make you look good, is the concept of “feel-good fashion.” Clothing that not only makes you look good but also feels comfortable, functional, and uplifting, can significantly impact your mood and boost your self-confidence.

Enter Have a Day Shirt – a brand that promises to offer comfy, mood-boosting graphic tees that make a statement. The brand’s mantra is simple – wear your emotions on your sleeve (or, in this case, your chest) and spread good vibes wherever you go. But does this promise of feel-good fashion hold up? Let’s take a closer look.

About Have a Day Shirt

Have a Day Shirt is a clothing brand founded two best friends, Brad Burke and Pat Fitzpatrick. The brand’s ethos is centered on spreading positivity, making a statement, and donating a portion of their profits to charity.

Their line features an array of graphic tees with positive and uplifting statements, including “Love Always Wins,” “Fueled Good Vibes,” and “Be Kind Anyway.” The brand’s message and commitment to social causes have garnered a loyal following of customers who not only appreciate the brand’s style but also its mission.

What Makes Have a Day Shirt Stand Out?

In a market dominated fast fashion, Have a Day Shirt’s commitment to sustainability and social responsibility is a refreshing change. They use environmentally-friendly materials in their production process and donate a portion of their sales to various charities, including mental health and animal welfare organizations.

But what truly sets Have a Day Shirt apart is its focus on promoting positivity with their designs. The founders believe that wearing clothes with positive affirmations can impact our mood and spread good vibes to those around us. The tees’ designs and graphics are trendy and visually pleasing, but more importantly, they serve as a reminder to be kind, show love, and radiate positivity.

The Impact of Clothing on Our Emotions

The idea that clothing can affect our emotional well-being is not a new concept. Studies have shown that certain colors and styles can evoke positive or negative emotions, and even influence our behavior. Clothing can also impact our self-esteem, confidence, and overall sense of self.

The psychology of clothing goes beyond just the way others perceive us; it also affects how we perceive ourselves. When we wear clothes that make us feel good, comfortable, and confident, we are more likely to feel positive emotions and go about our day with a sense of purpose and motivation.

FAQs About Have a Day Shirt

As with any clothing brand, there are bound to be questions about Have a Day Shirt. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions and their answers:

Q: What materials are used to make Have a Day Shirt tees?

A: Have a Day Shirt uses high-quality, 100% cotton tees that are soft, breathable, and comfortable to wear.

Q: Are the tees true to size?

A: Yes, the tees are true to size. However, if you prefer a more relaxed fit, consider sizing up.

Q: How do I care for my Have a Day Shirt tee?

A: Simply follow the care instructions on the label – machine wash cold, tumble dry low, and iron on low heat if needed.

Q: How long will it take for my tee to arrive?

A: Have a Day Shirt offers free shipping in the US and Canada, and most orders arrive within 5-7 business days.

Q: What charities does Have a Day Shirt support?

A: Have a Day Shirt donates a portion of its profits to various charities, including NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness) and The Humane Society.


In a world where negativity seems to dominate our news feeds and social interactions, it’s refreshing to see a brand committed to spreading positivity through fashion. Have a Day Shirt’s mission to promote kindness and positivity, while also being eco-friendly and socially responsible, is a model for other clothing brands to follow.

Apart from its admirable mission, Have a Day Shirt also offers trendy and comfortable tees that can make you look and feel good – a win-win situation. But beyond the superficial, the brand’s tees send a message that we could all use a little more positivity, kindness, and love in our lives. And in that sense, Have a Day Shirt’s designs truly fulfill their promise of feel-good fashion.

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