Redskins LB Will Compton Honored with Jersey Retirement

Redskins LB Will Compton Honored with Jersey Retirement


On August 9, 2019, Redskins linebacker Will Compton received a rare and prestigious honor. The Washington team inducted Compton into their 80th anniversary Alumni Association the same day they retired his number-51 jersey. This blog article will explore Will Compton’s football career, his impact on the Redskins organization, and the reasons why his number now hangs retired.

Compton’s Early Career and College Years

Compton, born in 1989 in Bonne Terre, Missouri, played football at North County High School where he played in almost every position including quarterback, punter, and defensive lineman. Despite his versatility, he didn’t receive a scholarship from his home state’s team, the Missouri Tigers, and ended up playing for a smaller school, the University of Nebraska. His hard work and dedication soon paid off, and Compton became an integral part of Nebraska’s football team, earning the starting position as a sophomore.

Overcoming Injury

Compton’s time in Nebraska was challenged injuries. During his junior year, he was ruled out with a broken foot, and he also missed the majority of the next season due to a torn ACL. His fight to return to the field represented his toughness and determination as he worked hard to overcome each setback. He returned for his senior year, during which he was the team captain and led the Cornhuskers to a win in the Capital One Bowl.

NFL Dreams and Redskins Opportunity

In the 2013 NFL draft, the Washington Redskins organization showed their interest in Compton drafting him as an unsigned free agent. Although he didn’t play in his rookie year, he made the Redskins active 53-man roster in 2014 and became a starter during his second year with the team.

Compton’s Impact on Redskins

Compton’s dedication, teamwork, and positive attitude made him one of the most likeable and respected players in the Redskins Locker Room. His jovial personality and keen sense of humor also allowed him to transcend football and form strong relationships within the community. He even became a fan favorite, with the Washington Post once publishing an article labeling him the “Mayor of Ashburn” due to his involvement in local restaurants, bars, and businesses.

Compton’s Retirement and Jersey Number Retirement

After playing for the Nashville Titans in 2018, Compton decided to retire from the NFL following a successful, yet injury-prone career. As he retired, the Redskins made him the 10th player in the organization’s 87-year history to have their rookie jersey number retired, joining players like Sammy Baugh, Darrell Green, and Bob Mitchell.

FAQs about Will Compton’s Redskins Jersey Retirement

Q. Why was Will Compton’s jersey number retired?

A. The Redskins retired Compton’s number as a tribute to his outstanding work ethic, positive personality, and impact on the team and the community.

Q. Did Will Compton win any awards during his NFL career?

A. While Compton did not win any individual awards, he received recognition for his work as a red-zone player during the 2015 and 2016 seasons.

Q. Who are the other Washington Redskins players with retired jersey numbers?

A. The Redskins have retired the numbers of 9 Sammy Baugh, 28 Darrell Green, 33 Sammy Baugh, 42 Charley Taylor, 43 Bob Mitchell, 44 John Riggins, 49 Bob Mitchell, 65 Dave Butz, 70 Sam Huff, and 81 Art Monk.

Q. Did Will Compton break any Redskins franchise records?

A. Although Will Compton did not break any Redskins franchise records, his contributions to the team and the community were significant enough to earn him the honor of having his jersey retired.


Will Compton’s jersey number retirement is not only a testament to his excellent work ethic, dedication, and impact on the Redskins organization but also an inspiration to young athletes around the world striving to reach their potential. Despite his injury-prone career, Compton never lost sight of his goals, nor the importance of camaraderie and teamwork in achieving them. His legacy will live on as his number hangs in the Washington stadium, and his achievements continue to inspire fans, players, and coaches alike.

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