Secrets Revealed How Jersey Mikes Toasts the Perfect Sub

Secrets Revealed: How Jersey Mike’s Toasts the Perfect Sub

Jersey Mike’s has become one of the top sandwich chains in America, known for their fresh ingredients and delicious sandwiches. However, one thing that sets them apart from the rest of the competition is their perfect toasting technique. The bread is always perfectly toasted, providing a delightful crunch and adding a whole other level of flavor to the sandwich. But, how do they do it? In this article, we will uncover the secrets behind Jersey Mike’s toasting technique.

The Technique

Jersey Mike’s uses a combination of techniques to toast their bread flawlessly every time. They use a special toaster that allows for even heat distribution, ensuring that the bread is toasted to perfection. Additionally, they use high-quality bread that is both fresh and sturdy enough to handle the toasting process. Finally, they toast the bread just enough to give it a crunch without causing the inside of the bread to become dried out.

“We have a special toaster that allows us to toast the bread evenly, and we are very particular about the bread we use. We want the bread to be fresh and toasty, but not too hard or dry. It’s all in the balance,” – a Jersey Mike’s employee.

The Bread

As mentioned before, the bread is an essential part of the toasting process. Jersey Mike’s uses a variety of bread options such as white, wheat, rosemary parmesan, and gluten-free bread. They don’t just stop at bread options though. They also offer a wide variety of sizes including mini, regular, and giant.

One of the standout characteristics of Jersey Mike’s bread is its sturdiness. Their bread has a firm texture making it perfect for toasting. Additionally, their bread is always fresh, which makes for an even better toasting experience. Their bread is baked fresh every day and is specifically crafted to hold up to the toppings and toasting process.

The Toasting Process

After the bread is selected and put through the toaster, it is passed down to the sandwich maker where it is expertly crafted to perfection. The sandwich maker is very specific about how the toppings are placed on the sandwich to create the ultimate eating experience.

One of the standout characteristics of Jersey Mike’s is that they only toast the bread. The cold subs will have the meat, cheese, and vegetables placed on the semi-toasted bread. The sandwich is then placed in the warmer for just a second to heat up the meats and cheeses. The hot subs, on the other hand, are fully toasted with the meats, cheese, and vegetables all layered on top of each other on the toasted bread.

The Toppings

Finally, what makes a Jersey Mike’s sub the perfect bite is their toppings. They only use the freshest ingredients, and their vegetables are chopped every morning to ensure they maximize flavor and freshness.

In addition to the standard toppings, such as lettuce, tomato, onion, and banana peppers, Jersey Mike’s offers specialty toppings such as applewood smoked bacon, cherry peppers, and jalapeños. They also offer a wide range of condiments including mayonnaise, oil and vinegar, and mustard.


Q: Does Jersey Mike’s toast their subs?

A: Yes, Jersey Mike’s toasts their bread for all their subs.

Q: Do you have to ask for your sub to be toasted?

A: No, all subs at Jersey Mike’s come toasted default, but there is the option to have the bread untoasted for cold subs only.

Q: Does Jersey Mike’s offer Gluten-free bread options for their subs?

A: Yes, gluten-free bread options are available at Jersey Mike’s.

Q: How long does it take for a sandwich to be toasted?

A: The toasting process at Jersey Mike’s only takes a few seconds.

Q: Can I add extra toppings to my sandwich?

A: Yes, additional toppings and condiments can be added to your sandwich upon request.


Jersey Mike’s is known for their perfect toasted subs, and now you know the secret. With their perfect technique, high-quality bread, and fresh ingredients, Jersey Mike’s is the perfect destination for anyone craving a delicious sub. So next time you are looking for a sandwich, make sure to stop Jersey Mike’s and taste the toasting perfection for yourself!

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