The Secret Behind the Perfectly Toasted Subs at Jersey Mikes

The Secret Behind the Perfectly Toasted Subs at Jersey Mike’s


Jersey Mike’s Subs is a popular American chain of fast-food restaurants that specialize in submarine sandwiches, commonly known as “subs.” The restaurant franchised globally, and it is known for delivering quality subs that are made fresh, with high-quality ingredients. One of the key reasons why people keep coming back to Jersey Mike’s is because of the taste of their perfectly toasted subs, which adds that extra bit of flavor and crunch.

At Jersey Mike’s, the toasting method they use is seemingly unique, but it’s credited for the top-quality taste of the subs. The reason why the sandwiches get perfectly toasted is due to the right type of grill, temperature, and timing that are used. As a customer, it will take you only a few seconds to know that the sub you purchased at Jersey Mike’s is the real deal. It’s a combination of high-quality ingredients and unique toasting techniques that will do the trick.

In this article, we will delve into the secret behind the perfectly toasted subs at Jersey Mike’s.

The Philosophy behind the Subs

The Jersey Mike’s franchise believes in using only the highest quality ingredients to craft the perfectly toasted sub. They believe that it is essential to use fresh vegetables, meats, and cheeses, to enhance the customer’s experience. With this philosophy, customers are guaranteed to get high-quality ingredients with their meal, which is something that differentiates the franchise from other fast-food chains.

Grill Type

At Jersey Mike’s Subs, they use a countertop grill, which is also known as a clamshell grill. The grill plays a significant role in the toasting of the subs. The grill has two plates that come together and heat up to provide heat to the sub, which ensures the ideal toasting process. The plates are made from industrial-grade materials that can withstand high temperatures and last longer than traditional grill plates.

Temperature & Timing

Aside from the grill, temperature is another critical aspect in the toasting of the subs. To attain the perfect toasted sub, the grill’s temperature must be adjusted to specific levels, which is typically between 425°F to 475°F. This temperature ensures that the sub is toasted evenly and that it is not burnt.

The timing for toasting subs is also essential. Jersey Mike’s staff is trained to know the exact time frame that each sub should spend on the grill, giving the perfect golden crust while leaving the sandwich soft and warm inside.

The Bread

The bread is equally as crucial to the toasting process as the grill and timing. The franchise uses submarine rolls, which are perfectly crafted to absorb the right amount of flavor from the fillings. The rolls must be fresh, soft and have a texture that can withstand the toasting process. The rolls are heated just enough to give them the perfect toastiness without compromising the texture.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Does Jersey Mike’s toast their subs?

A: Yes, Jersey Mike’s toast their subs using a countertop grill with two plates made from industrial-grade materials. The grill’s temperature must be correct, and the timing must also be precise, making sure that the sub is toasted to perfection.

Q: Can I ask for my sub to be toasted more?

A: Absolutely. At Jersey Mike’s, the subs are made per the customer’s request, and the staff will be more than happy to cater to your preference.

Q: Can I get my sub untoasted?

A: Yes, you can request your sub untoasted at Jersey Mike’s. Upon your request, the staff will make your sub to your preference.

Q: Does Jersey Mike’s use fresh ingredients?

A: Yes, freshness is one of Jersey Mike’s core philosophies, and they use fresh vegetables, meats, and cheeses to make their subs.


Undoubtedly, the toasting technique Jersey Mike’s use to create their subs is unique and sets them apart from competitors. The use of high-quality ingredients, the right grill type, temperature, and timing contribute to the perfect toasting of the subs, leading to a great taste. Next time you visit Jersey Mike’s, take a few extra seconds to notice the perfectly toasted subs, which are a result of the unique toasting technique, the best quality ingredients, and the staff’s dedication to delivering high-quality subs.

As the saying goes, “Better bread, better subs.” Jersey Mike’s Subs are famous for their amazing sandwiches, and their use of high-quality ingredients and perfectly toasted subs is the reason behind their success.

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